We need adults too!
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If you would like to become a part of the Youth on the Move Program please fill out the application below:


Membership Fee: A yearly fee of only $15.00* for youth and adults. Along with the membership you will receive a T-Shirt and also be placed on the “YOTM” mailing and email list for updates.
*There is $3 charge for shirt sizes XXL and larger.

Note: There is a charge for each trip. The cost will be based on the destination of each trip.

Download the form here and return with check or money order to:
Road Ready Tours
3613 Grand Forks Dr
Land O Lakes, Fl


Age Requirements: 7-18 years (under 7 years must be accompanied by an adult). (Chaperons: 21yrs. & over)

Youth Dress Code: (Dress codes will be enforced)

All members are required to wear the YOTM t-shirt each day while on a tour. If it is a multi-day trip we suggest that you have more than one shirt for changing.

Please make sure your child dresses accordingly, otherwise your child will not be allowed to travel with the group. All members of Youth on the Move must wear the Youth on the Move T-shirt.

Required Essays:
At the end of each trip each student is required to write an essay about what was seen, learned and experienced on the trip.

Fund-Raising Program

Various fund-raising projects will be developed.

NOTE: Funds from the Fundraiser Program will be used toward students' travel expenses.
Contact Info: Youth on the Move, 3613 Grand Forks Dr, Land O Lakes, Fl 34639
Ph: 813-363-5070 – website: Email:

Become a Chaperon

Chaperon Requirements

  • You must be in “YOTM” uniform while on tour
  • Each Chaperon will be responsible for 10 students
  • Each Chaperon must be involved in ALL “YOTM” activities, fun-raisers, etc.
  • Each Chaperon will be assigned to various committees to promote the “YOTM”

For additional information contact: Robert Massey - Ph: 813-363-5070 / 813-501-4413 or Email: