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A Covid update from Road Ready Tours

Hi Gang,

Just a note to let you know that Road Ready is still in business; however, because of the COVID-19, we have been shut down since January.

We are looking forward to traveling again, hopefully by mid-year, it might be longer; however, we will start putting trips together again, but just keep in mind that these trips will take place only if it is safe and these planned trips will be on a tentative basic because we really don’t know how soon this virus will allow us to travel safely. Our first priority is keeping all of us safe.

Safety precautions will still have to be taken, wearing masks while you are on the bus, safety distancing, etc. In the beginning we will not be traveling with a full bus, this is to make sure that we stay within the safe distancing guidelines.

Note: We will start posting our trips on the website around January-February. Some people do not have emails or internet so please pass the word to all of your friends.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Stay safe!

Bob & Marian

Florida African American Tours
813-501-4413 or 813-363-5070

Note: When mailing your check or using our drop box to deposit your payment, please make sure that you enclose information that will specify which trip you are paying for and also include a contact phone number.

Do you have an idea for a trip?

At FAAT, we are always interested in your day trip ideas. Please email us with your suggestions for day trips...you never know someone else might just be interested in joining your group! Email us your day trip ideas to faatoftampa@gmail.com.

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To avoid cancellations, please book early. Hotels & office deadlines do apply. Deposits and payments must be received on time. For your convenience, we do have payment plans available.

All overnight tours are based on TWO to a room so you will need a roommate. We need a minimum of 36 people to avoid cancellation so please choose your trips and RESERVE EARLY! To book or get more detailed information, please call the office at 813-363-5070 or 813-501-4413; or email us at faatoftampa@gmail.com.

Make checks payable to:
Road Ready Tours LLC
and mail to:
Florida African American Tours
3613 Grand Forks Dr
Land O Lakes, Fl

Refund Policy

30 days prior to departure
Full Refund (excluding deposits)

15 days prior to departure
50% refund (excluding deposits)

Note: Iteneraries are subject to change without notice due to hotels and event changes