We believe that learning takes place best when history can be seen and touched. Reading is fine but when a subject can be touched with the fingers and felt with the heart comprehension of the subject will stick forever. This is the message that we are trying to convey to our youth as well as adults.

Youth on the Move and Road Ready Tours have put together tour packages for our youth as well as adults that are allowing them to travel through out the state of Florida visiting many African American Museums. There are over 35 African American Museums & Tours in the state Florida, some of which we have already visited, our plans are to have on-going visits to them all. Listed below are just a few:

Harry T. & Harriet Moore Museum - located in Mims, Florida
(Two pioneering American black civil rights activists that organized the first Brevard County branch of the NAACP in 1934. They led the fight for equality and justice until they were murdered in 1951. It was the first killing of a prominent civil rights leader.
Click here for the Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Museum website.
The Rosewood Archives at Bethune-Cookman University - located in Daytona Beach, Florida
Rosewood Tour - Rosewood Florida (The massacre that took place in Rosewood, Florida in 1923, which inspired the movie “Rosewood”)
Click here for the official Rosewood website.
Fort Mose - located north of St. Augustine
Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, or Fort Mose was the first legally sanctioned community of freed slaves in what is now the United States.
Click here for the Fort Mose website.
St. Augustine and Linconville Historical District - located in St. Augustine, FL
Most prominent historically black neighborhood founded in 1866 by former slaves.
Click here for information about the Lincolnville Historical District.
Florida A&M University – located in Tallahassee, Florida
Click here to learn more about Florida A&M Universityh.
Bethune Cookman University - located in Daytona Beach, Florida
Click here to learn more about Bethune-Cookman University.
Florida Agricultural Museum - located in Palm Coast, Florida
Displays The Florida Black Cowboys Past & Present exhibit which tells the story of African American working in Florida cattle industry for almost 500 years.
Click here to learn more about the Florida Agricultural Museum.
Florida Memorial University - located in Miami, Florida
The oldest African American university in the state of Florida
Click here to learn more about Florida Memorial University.
Rock Cannery & Library - located in Brooksville, Florida
Housed in a rustic lime rock-covered structure that was originally a one-room schoolhouse in the 1930s, the cannery is one of only three public canneries in Florida. The kitchen provides nearly every modern-day convenience for the job, including large-volume pressure cookers, steamers, vegetable slicers, choppers and even a shelling machine for separating husks from black-eyed peas.
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